Christmas 24/7/365: How You Can Experience Christmas Everyday


There's arguably no better time of the year than Christmas. Between all the love that's in the air, the various opportunities to give back, plus the movies and carols and cookies and more, it's hard to find any other season that's this joyful. 

But, there is one major downside of Christmas: it doesn't last long enough! 

You have to make the most of Christmas every time it comes around. If you spend every other day of the year looking forward to this, though, it's time to figure out how to celebrate Christmas every day. 

Here are 3 simple actions that will help you turn Christmas celebrations into a year-round thing.

1. Watch Christmas Movies

You know it's finally Christmas time when you start seeing movies like Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas on TV. There's also all the Christmas Hallmark movies to enjoy and not-so-classic Christmas films like Home Alone and Love, Actually. 

Whether a movie just happens to be set in the holiday time or it's all about spreading Christmas cheer, you need to have access to it all year-round. This way, you can simply press play whenever you feel like getting into the Christmas spirit. 

2. Listen to Christmas Music (and Sing Along)

Another way to celebrate Christmas throughout the year is to create the ultimate playlist of Christmas music. Don't be afraid to go all-out on this one. Your mix should include timeless carols, celebrity-sung favorites, and fun mashups. 

This is one of the best ways to make it feel like Christmas whether it's the beginning of December or the middle of July. All you have to do is put on your favorite tunes and start singing along!

3. Eat Christmas-Inspired Foods

The final way to celebrate Christmas every day is to eat special holiday foods whenever you can. Stock up on all your favorite gingerbread and 5-spice treats this December. Fill your pantry with hot chocolate mix and save all the best Christmas cookie and cocktail recipes.

Keep in mind that some ingredients may only be on grocery store shelves for a limited time. It's up to you to get everything you need before it sells out and to figure out how to preserve certain foods before they go bad.

Experience Christmas Every Day Starting Right Now

There's no shame in celebrating Christmas every day. But, there is a right and a wrong way of doing it. Don't be the homeowner who leaves their lights on all year 'round and re-gifts Christmas presents throughout the year.

Instead, be the person who knows how to put a bit of cheer into everything they do, and keep the tips above in mind when for you're really running out of patience while waiting for Christmas.

Looking for a unique way to have some holiday fun this year? 

Consider starting a new tradition, or putting a fun twist on an old favorite. If you love all the Christmas Hallmark movies that come on this time of year, make sure you keep up with our podcast episodesreviewing all of them!

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