Operations Manager

Bramble Jam is hiring a full time operations manager here in Greenville, SC! Employee will be a part of a growing business that, among other things, produces the Deck the Hallmark podcast.

Job Overview

We have a lot of fun here at Bramble Jam. The new operations manager will be responsible for helping promote this fun and the Bramble Jam brand, as well as helping manage many of the day to day operations here at the studio. 

Responsibilities of the operations manager include, but are not limited to:

  • Data entry transfers of video files (proficiency in spreadsheet data entry a plus)

  • Uploading audio and video podcasts to various platforms 

  • Assist in the production of podcast recordings

  • Managing email communication with talent, vendors, and others

  • Managing social media accounts

  • Scheduling studio time, recordings

  • Planning travel

  • Occasional inventory and Invoicing of clients

  • Day-to-day office maintenance


  • Experience as an administrative assistant or operations manager is a plus

  • Proficiency in spreadsheet data entry

  • Technological competency, especially involving learning and adapting to new tech

Bramble Jam offers the following benefits for employees:

  • Salary position with paid time off (certain blackout dates apply)

  • Paid maternity/paternity leave

  • 401(k) retirement plan options including a company match

  • Cell phone plan included

  • Bramble Jam provides most streaming services like Netflix to employees at no charge

  • For most of the year, working at Bramble Jam is a 4-day a week gig! The Operations Manager’s regular office hours would be from 9-4, Monday-Thursday (with the exception of some weeks during the summer and holiday season).

If you’d like to join the Bramble Jam team, please send your resume and cover letter to!